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1/5/09 07:16 pm - Hetalia funny names

1.) Ludwig

1. A "pussy" or someone who is very cowardly
2. Slang for female genetalia
3. An term representing an individual's feminism and/or anti-masculinity
1. "I knew he wouldn't throw a punch, he's such a Ludwig."
2. "Dude, her Ludwig was so tight last night."
3. "Four guys are attending the party; well, three guys and the other is a Ludwig."

2.) Feliciano

a person that lives to suck dicks
man dont be a feliciano. your so gay.

3.) Antonio

Antonio can be Mexican, Italian, or a Black person's name. It originated in Italy, many people mistake it for a Mexican person's name.

Usually people with the name Antonio are amazing lovers. They usually are very good looking and could take your breath away with just one glance.
"what is your name?" "My name is Antonio" "Oh! are you Mexican?" "No..."

"Antonio is an amazing lover from Italy/Spain, he has a nice body and a beautiful tan."

"Antonio is a sexy name"

"Did you meet that fine italian boy, what was his name? Antonio?"

4.) Kiku

1. An exotic type of chrysanthemum found in the jungles of Marysville, Washington State.

2. A rock star known to have a vicious bark and a dangerous bite.

3. A person with pink hair.

"Mr. Hotty-Mc-Hotty-Pants was all over the place yesterday. He was such a kiku - my gosh."

5.) Alfred

A small town nestled in Allegany county, New York. Home to two colleges on opposite sides of main street, 3 bars, 2 sporting goods stores, 4 restaurants, and a (yes-- only one) stoplight. Other than if you are interested in ceramics or hazing, you have never heard of it. You have to drive an hour to a mall, 1 1/4 to an airport, and 20 minutes to a (crappy) movie theater. There is one, K-12 public school full of (mostly white) semi-snobby professor's kids and those who proudly were born and will die in Allegany County (which is the second poorest and most rural county in the state). Officially as far from urban as you can get.
There was a town festival for the 30th Anniversary of The Stoplight, and it was well attended. Need I say more?

6.) Arthur

A cool common male name, meaning "bear-like," believed to possibly be descended from the Roman surname Artorius ("plowman") or the Celtic bear-goddess Artio or more probably from the Celtic word artos ("bear").

Known from King Arthur, the legendary British ruler, therefore often used, if somebody is very strong.
"How could you manage to take this stuff? You must be an Arthur."

7.) Francis

Francis is a very attractive male, usually of Italian descent, but does not flaunt his nationality to attract females. Rather he shows his unsurpassed sporting and academic ability, and may remove his shirt from time to time to seal the deal.
Jill: "So, have you seen Francis today?"
Jane: "Oh my golly who hasn't? He is just so damn attractive."
Jill: "I heard he removed his shirt last week?"
Jane: "Yeah 7 girls who were there were taken to hospital with over-horny-itis, almost instantly."
8.) Yao

A word used to says whatsup, much cooler than the typical overused "yo"
"yao nihha whats good witchu?!"

9.) Ivan

He is the sexiest man alive and really sweet and so fuking attractive!!!
totally fukable

10.) Elizaveta

A person who claims to be Russian for a prolonged period of time. However it is later revealed that they originate from Poland, Kazakhstan and/or the Ukraine and have a slight tendency towards racism.
"Dude, you know that Russian girl I met the other night?"
"Well, she was actually from Poland, Kazakhstan and/or the Ukraine"
"Mush, you got elizaveta'd!!!!!!!11"

11.) Vash

The main character of Trigun, an anime series. Vash the Stampede is a man shrouded in mystery, but is instantly recognized for being someone with a $$60,000,000 (sixty-billion double-dollar) bounty on his head. This is quite contrary because....well, watch the show to see what I mean.
"Trust me on this! When I first saw the first episode of Trigun, I thought it was fucked up and absolutely bipolar! But you have to give the show a chance, and you will learn more and more about not only Vash the Stampede, but the show in general. And if you're an intelligent person, you can look into the show's powerful philosophy."

12.) Toris

also spelled 'toris, a slang for the clitoris. pronounced TOR-is, unlike the second half of the full word "clitoris." typically spoken when covertly recounting a sexual escapade to a friend when others are around, and "clit" or "clitoris" would be inappropriate.
"It took me three hours to find the 'toris and then I went all over the place."
means: "i couldn't find the clit and i nutted all over her," but sounds like you were trying to find your car or something

13.) Eduard

a useless person who is most certainly a noob at life. he's normally an azn who wears poc noob glasses, he loves lil' flip girls with the name lee. he's the most pathetic and dumbest person you will ever meet..if you meet him, just kill yourself
"Did you see that eduard..he was all alone macking out with a hot dog?!"         "What a fuggin eduard"
14.) Tino

Short term used to refer to Cupertino High School (in Cupertino, California.). "Tino" can also be used to refer to the whole city of Cupertino, in California.
example 1
Sup man, lets head over to tino, theres a party goin on.

example 2
Guy 1: where u from man?
Guy 2: im from tino.

15.) Peter

the penis (see also cock,pecker)
"He won't keep his peter in his pants when he's alone."

16.) Matthew

a sexy guy that liked the women and has a nice tooth brush
i love you matthew you so hot, i love your toothbrush

17.) Gilbert

a strange rapist or petafile that seems to oggle children.
"Spenser, I saw this gilbert at the elementary school playground with a pair of binoculars."
18.) Natalia

A polish word for someone who is beautiful and amazing.
"Your like Natalia! :)"
"Natalia gives me butterflies in my stomach." 

11/21/08 08:45 pm - Dream Number 3: I missed school!

Here's a dream I had two days ago:

I dreamt that I was running kinda late for school and I had to walk (which takes about 25 minutes). For some reason, my dad went with me. So we were both walking, when I saw one of my classmates on the other side of the road also with her dad. And I heard her say:"Dad, I think you should drive me to school, otherwise I'm gonna be late." So they stepped into the car and drove off. That gave me an idea and I told my dad:"I'm going to be late unless you drive me to school." For some reason, our car was parked in the part of the town we were currently located at, so we stepped inside and my dad started driving. Suddenly he made a turn up the hill and started heading toward grandma's place (his mother's place). For some reason, I only spoke when he finally stopped in front of her house:"Dad, why didn't you drop me off at school?! How am I supposed to go to school now?!" He simply replied:"Well, you can walk from here." and stepped out of the car. I stepped out too and went inside the house to check the time. It was already 8:30 (the time my classes start). I was so pissed at my dad. I was late because of him. My grandma was sitting behind the kitchen table, reading a newspaper. I sat down next to her and she asked me:"Aren't you going to school?" I answered with irritation:"What's the point?! I'm already late, so I might as well skip the entire day."
And that's when I woke up.

Lol. xD

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11/14/08 08:35 pm - Dreams

I've decided my journals will be exclusively for writing down my dreams. I made this decision, because I remember what I've dreamt about almost every morning and I usually remember it very clearly and live-like. So I think it's a good idea to start a dream journal to keep track of it all.
Also, my dreams are usually very weird and almost always kinda funny, so I thought they'd be interesting to read for you people. ;)
Well, I thought I'd start right away by describing a dream (or rather, TWO dreams) I had a couple of days ago.


Dream number 1: My sister wants to kill me!!

I was at my grandmother's place with my family (my sister & my parents). But it wasn't the house she lives in now, it was the house she lived in before she moved to the place she's living in at the moment. She loves gradening, and she had lots of plants on her porch. There was one plant that stood out for me. It was in the shape of and eggplant, but it was green and it wasn't a vegetable. It was growing in a flower pot. For some reson, I knew the plant was dangerous, I knew that if you touched it, long, bent thorns grew out of it in a second and they would surely pierce your skin. But the rest of my family didn't know that. Suddenly, my sister (who is 13, BTW) reached out a hand to grab it. I saw her and yelled out:"NO!! Don't touch that!!" But it was too late. By that time, she was already holding the plant in her hand and the ugly thorns pierced right through her hand. It was a horrible sight, though, surprisingly, there was no blood. And my sister slowly pulled the hand away from the plant, removing the thorns. It looked painful. There was still no blood, but her hand was full of holes. She turned to look at me, glared with pure evil and said:"I'm going to kill you." She pulled a knife out of nowhere and started running towards me. I realized she was serious and started running away in fear. I kept saying:"No, Katja (that's her name, BTW)! The plant is doing this to you! It's making you evil!" But she wouldn't listen and she kept getting closer to me and yelling:"I'm going to kill you!"
And then this dream just ended and a new one started immediatly.

Dream number 2: An adventure by the seaside

In this dream, I was at the seaside, again with my family. Me and my sister wanted to go swimming into the sea, but we realized that in order to do so, we'd have to first get through the part of sea covered in sea weed. And we both hate sea weed and don't really want to touch it because we find it disguisting. So we were standing on the coast, just a step away from the seaweed-full sea, thinking what to do, when suddenly some random person pushed me forward. Of course I fell into the pool of sea weed. I started drowning in it in panic, but luckily my sister saved me, because she jumped in and pulled me into the part of sea with no sea weed (the part when you can't touch the bottom anymore, you have to swim). I was so grateful, but then I realized I'm never going to be able to get out. Because there was no way I'd go through all that sea weed again. My sister shared that opinion. So we started to look for someone, anyone, who could help us with that problem. Suddenly I spotted a few small yachts being parked right by the shore on the right. So I started swimming there to see if there was anyone there. As I got closer, I saw two figures in the water. The sea reached up to their waists and they were playing one on one volleyball in the sea. As I got even closer, I realized it was Pierre and David from Simple Plan. I was surprised, excited, I was like:OMG! I decided not to get closer, but to watch from afar. And for some reason I had my sister's cell phone with me in the sea (and it didn't get ruined by being in the water) and I started filming them with the phone. They both hit the ball a couple of times, passing it from one to another, when suddenly Pierre didn't hit it with enough force, so the ball was starting to fall back down from the sky in the middle of the distance between him and David. So they both ran forward to catch the ball. When they were both beneath it and only a couple of steps away from each other, David jumped up to hit the ball. Pierre jumped up as well, but not to hit the ball. He jumped towards David and hugged him in midair. David obviously didn't hit the ball then and they both landed back in the sea. Once in the sea, David hugged Pierre too, and they were both just standing there, hugging. I was still taping that and I was like:"OMFG, I gotta show this to my sis!! Yay!" And I swam to the shore (suddenly the sea weed was gone) and I saw my sister lying on her towel already and started screaming across the beach:"Katja, you gotta see this!!"
And then I woke up.

11/6/08 04:01 pm - Hi there! (P/D stuff)

Please ignore my actual first journal on LJ, cuz I didn't know what I was doing. -__-;;

Anyway, I'm making this my first official LJ entry!! Yaay! ^_^

So, this is for all you P/D lovers out there! (Cuz I have nothing better to post...) A video made by me: CLICK! I made it in 2006, more than 2 years ago, but I think it's good enough to be put here. xD

11/5/08 06:41 pm - Writer's Block: A Little Light

Because we sometimes use the fridge at night to, I dunno, get some milk or a snack or something, but we don't use the freezer, since we can't really eat frozen meat or frozen vegetables or frozen..whatever. Therefore, we need a light in a fridge, but not in a freezer.
But hey, that's just my opinion on it.

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